My Dining Room Remodel: The Process

I’m so excited to share another remodel adventure with you; this time, it’s all about my dining room! It will be a long process, but the key to any project is to have fun! From selecting the right color palette to installing new furniture, I will take you through the entire remodeling process of my dining room. Since this is a work in progress, I’ll be updating you along the way!

Firstly, I must admit starting this project is a little sad. The current ombré wall is beautiful, and it was my first solo DIY project in our new home. It gives movement and interest to the room. It wasn’t difficult to do at all! If you’re interested in creating this look in your home, check out this post!

Just because something is beautiful and has meaningful memories, doesn’t mean we can’t change them into something new!

Creating Cohesion

There are several things to consider when starting a remodel of just one room. The most important is maintaining cohesion throughout your home. Personally, our home is warm and inviting, filled with organic and texture-rich decor. I’m drawn to natural woods and classic neutral colors, so that’s what I’m bringing into this remodel. My overall design theme was focused on that charming old-school vibe that resonates throughout my home. I had a specific color palate in mind when I started, but naturally, I ended up with a large variety of paint samples. One thing I make sure to do is to hold up all my paint samples to various decorative details in my home.

You should also create a real-life vision board! Grab items from around your home that emulate the decor style. Mix these with patterns and paint samples, and you’ll have a glimpse of how your various elements flow together.

Choosing Paint

Firstly, when choosing a paint color for a room, you must remember that paints have specific undertones. This is especially important if you’re going with white paint. If white were my paint of choice, a soft and warm white would complement my current decor. Organic decor that accentuates natural woods is filled with warm undertones, so I need my paint color to reflect that.

Secondly, it’s extremely important to paint large swatches of paint on your wall and observe it in different types of light. Paint looks different in morning light, evening light, and artificial light as different undertones shine through. You can see from the above photos that we get quite a bit of light coming through that large window, and I want to make sure the paint looks perfect at all hours of the day.

For real-time updates on my paint color choices and the overall progress of my dining room remodel, follow my Instagram page @TerraNelsonHome.

New Furniture

It’s common to want to incorporate new furniture during a room refresh. Although unnecessary, it’s absolutely a fun process! We purchased our dining “set” before we moved in. Bad idea! It’s slightly too small for the space, AND I bought a concrete table because, at the time, we were doing a concrete fireplace! Can you imagine the look of my home if I went with concrete? It would change the entire feeling. So thankful we changed to the stone. More on that irritating conversation later, LOL. Here’s a couple photos of the real before!

Make sure anything you pick out matches the remaining decor style of your home. Or, you can do what I’m currently doing and find a set of chairs you’re in love with and attempt to find all the remaining pieces as you go! These chairs (that I luckily found on Amazon) look very similar to their McGee & Co alternatives. These chairs have that warm and classic feel to them, so I know they’re going to be a perfect fit. Now to talk Ben into it! HA

Stone & Beam, via Amazon

This type of remodeling is not for anyone who’s on a strict timeline, but since I don’t have one, I’m having fun with this process and taking my time! My dining room remodel is going to take a little bit of time, but I’ll absolutely keep updating with furniture and paint selections!

dining room remodel
Saying goodbye to the Ombre!

Let’s chat! Comment below your favorite thing about your dining room or even what you’d like to change about it.

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