Cocoa + Christmas Movies: Vlogmas Day 1

Have you heard of Vlogmas on YouTube? It’s where creators post a Christmas-themed video every day from December first to Christmas Day. I randomly decided to do it yesterday and post one today! I have no plan, HAHA When I was researching vlogmas (literally after I posted day one), I found others talking about “how I plan it, what I buy for it, etc.” I was like … well, let’s dive in. I’ll figure it out later!

With that being said. Is there anything you’d like to see in particular in these videos? I can do reviews of my Christmas decor (I’ve already got some items ready for that!) I am hosting a party in mid-December and getting prepared for travel too. I know many people travel out of town or out of state for the Holidays.

Check out this video and subscribe for the rest of vlogmas!

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