Amazing accent wall to try right now!

OCD Perfectionists – prepare yourselves. This ombré wall treatment is not for us 😂 The key to creating this organic look is in the mess of it. Its imperfection is what makes it gorgeous.

Before we get to the after, let’s check out the before!

I wanted to add character to my all white dining room, so I searched accent walls, wall treatments, and paint colors. I came across this ombré technique, but it was mainly always done in blues.

To get that earthy, organic vibe that matches the rest of my house, I started with pashmina by Benjamin Moore. The same color as my trim and cabinets. From there, I picked three other shades that matched. (All shades are Benjamin Moore). The end result looks like smoke coming off a mountain.

It did not take a lot of paint to do this project! I bought a pint-size of each and had a lot leftover.

Here is a list of products I used:

3 inch angled paintbrush

4 pints of paint

Handheld paint bucket with disposable inserts.

Painters tape

Sprayer bottle of water

Thank you to Dugans Paint for supplying the products! If you are not local here’s a link!

I started by taping off the sides and ceiling and protecting the floors. Then map out the distances of each paint section you want with a pencil or pieces of tape, so you have an idea of where to stop each shade.

Start with your darkest shade in the disposable cup (handheld paint cup) and apply it to the wall with a paintbrush, not a roller. At the top of the section, you will want to create an uneven line to mix in the next shade.

Start the next shade just above the uneven line of your first shade; you will want to pull the lighter shade down into the darker shade. It’ll look high contrast, but you will mix the two!

Make it kinda messy like this.

The in-between shades are the hardest to explain. I would pour a little of each into a cup, spray my paintbrush with water, and brush it into the two shades to mesh them on the wall. There was no “do exactly this.” I went over it a lot and added paint from adjoining sections at random!

The best I can explain it:

Take your cup of the darker shade, and add a little of the lighter shade until you get what feels like a happy medium. Dip your paintbrush in it, then spray it with water. Now you are ready to brushstroke this newly made shade between the two colors to connect them. Keep mixing the paints until you have your desired look. A few times, I would even have a little side cup with more LIGHTER shade to mix at the top near the lighter shade. Wow. I hope that made sense to you!

Repeat with all shades. This will not look perfect. Don’t try to make it because you will go crazy!

When it was drying, it didn’t look very good! I thought, oh man, what have I done. Once it dried, it seemed to smooth out and look smoky! So just step away when you feel you are at a good stopping point.

Here is a photo from Spring 2021 – stay tuned on Instagram for the Spring 2022 photo!

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One thought on “Amazing accent wall to try right now!

  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! What colors should you use for a pink or purple gryl nursery?!??

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