We got a Frame TV, now what?

For my birthday this year, we finally grabbed a Samsung Frame TV. The premise behind a Frame TV is extremely thin, flat to the wall. They look like a piece of art instead of a TV. Our regular TV keeps the core inside the TV, creating a thicker back. The Frame TV keeps everything in a box connected to the TV by a cord.

The main allure of a Frame TV is how much it looks like a piece of art. Samsung has a library of 1400 pieces for purchase and some for free. You can store up to 1,200 images. There is also a ton of art available on Etsy!

We purchased our TV on Amazon. There was a little worry about shipping a TV. We have never done this before! It was supposed to arrive on a Friday but came on a Wednesday (my birthday actually!) Luckily my husband was home to help bring it in because the box is HEAVY! Here is a list I created on my amazon storefront all about Frame TV!

Currently, our TV is placed on the side of the fireplace in the bench cut out. Had we known when doing our DIY Stone fireplace, that we were going to put the TV here, this project would have been 100 times easier! Now, we have to cut through stone and cement backer board (I believe that’s what it’s called!)

While we were building our home, I sat on the bench (under the TV) all the time. I designed the bench to wrap around the fireplace, just for this reason! I thought the TV would sit up high enough that you could still sit there and read a book etc. Although, it’s too low and sits out too far to sit on the bench. Behind the TV are an outlet and an HDMI outlet (that we never used). I plan to get two art pieces to fill the space and hide those outlets. (Dilemma One)

In order to see how we liked the TV on the fireplace, we cut out a cardboard TV and placed it in a couple of locations. We also used our heat temperature gun to check how the heat from the fireplace came up. Please do not follow my measurements. Your fireplace manual will have the amount of space between the box and any flammable material.

We also taped up one of the sides of the frame that came with the kit we bought. This way, we could feel how hot it got with the fireplace on. We ordered our TV when it had a sale that gave you a free frame of your choice. I don’t know if they took the gold away for 2021, but I did not see it anywhere. We choose TEAK.

Online it looks a little warmer/less grain than in person. The cool tones clash in my home, so we are spray painting it gold. Here are two gold spray paints I bought to try out. Golds can have very different undertones. They can also look different in everyone’s home. I wouldn’t say I like either one of these golds after taping them up to the fireplace and watching the change in color during the day. The hunt for a good gold is still on. (Dilemma Two)

Or you can purchase a fancy frame! ❤️

So as of right now, I am still shopping for a gold spray paint, and we are finishing up the entryway project before cutting into the stone! Part two to come soon *hopefully, LOL

As always, THANK YOU for shopping my links. It means the world to me to be able to do this for a job!! I am an Amazon Affiliate; I make a small commission on qualifying purchases!

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