Prepping for Spring Break – Spray Tans

As an esthetician, I know the dangers of sunbathing and tanning in the tanning bed. I DO it on occasion because who doesn’t love lying around by the pool or on a beach? There are a couple of different ways to get this much safer alternative! 

At home DIY, a spray tan booth, or a professional will give you a custom tan. I love the at-home and the professional.

I am forever scarred after watching that one Friends episode when it comes to the booth. Poor Ross.

Ross Geller spray tan. My favorite episode | Fake tan, Tanning skin care, Spray  tanning

My favorite at-home spray tans:

Five easy tips on making the best out of your spray tan.

Exfoliate! Be sure to have exfoliated skin, and the spray will adhere better. I like to do this day of the spray tan.

No moisturizer day of, but essential to be moisturized! (Make sense?!) If you know in advance that you are getting a tan, make sure to keep your skin hydrated. But the day of, shower and no moisturizer.

Speaking of the shower, shave before a tan. Shaving helps exfoliate the skin. Shaving also removes a little of the spray tan, so shave first to keep the tan longer.

You won’t be able to shower, get wet or sweat for 6-8 hours afterward.

No deodorant or makeup on while spray tanning. Deodorant can make your underarms green.

Your tan should last up to a week or even a little longer if you keep your skin moisturized after the tan! Oils can remove the spray tan quicker.



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