Distressed Floating Shelves – How To

When we started the modern farmhouse kitchen remodel, I knew I wanted open shelves. We have a lot of cabinets, so I took out the cabinets near the kitchen sink. It was pretty simple to remove them from the wall, it’s hard to believe that all that weight is held up by 4 screws! After filling in the holes and painting the wall, we were ready to assemble our homemade shelves.

The size of the shelves ended up being 42L X 10D X 3.5H

First we built the E shape frame that the shelves would slide onto. This creates the floating look.

You will need:

  • wood 1 X 4 (for the frame)
  • Wood for the shelves: listed above was our sizes
  • stain and rags to apply
  • tools for distressing (see photo below)
  • screwdriver and screws
  • kregs jig (I have no idea, my husband built these, I had originally spelled this very wrong) If you have more detailed questions about building these types of shelves, please just comment and I’ll get it answered LOL


A common household tool, the lighter can be used to create a super distressed look.



1 X 10 for the top of the shelf. Attach the boards that you have distressed in a box shape, keeping the back open.


After sliding the box shelf onto the E shaped frame, screw it all together! Now it’s ready to hold all your farmhouse décor!!

Pretty simple!

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