Spilling my dirty hair secrets.

At what age do we really figure out how to style OUR hair and what color is best for us? It took me forever! I did not really get it figured out until last year. After trial and error, I found out that I should lighten my hair slightly and that a regular curling iron would give my already textured and coarse hair the best shape! Keep reading to find out why these are DIRTY hair secrets!


1 – I only wash it once a week. You’ll need to train your hair to be able to do this. It will feel gross and greasy while you train it to last longer in between shampoos. If you get on Pinterest and search hair shampoo training, there is a lot of info there! I use dry shampoo a lot. My hair does feel pretty dirty at the end of the week if I use too much dry shampoo!

2 – Hair mask once a month. I use this one.

3 – Dry Conditioner – since I do not wash my hair often, I still want to get the nutrient value from the conditioner. I use this one!

4 – Low heat! I only blow-dry it once a week. Curl it twice a week. Heat can do so much damage to your hair. It’s hard to repair once damaged.

5 – Healthy diet & water – I notice a direct effect on the health of my hair when I eat good for my body and drink enough water. When I eat a lot of junk food, etc., I notice it falls out more. Weird right? But it is true!


Shampoo & Conditioner


Dry Conditioner 


Dry Shampoo 

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