Our build this week. Episodes 2-15

Hey guys OK recap on the past, what, 13 weeks of my life?!

I really did want to do a weekly episode of build progress and man, life hit!!

I started a new facial studio from the ground up!! I had about 10 days to find a location, a name, a logo, get business licensing, remodel the location and decorated; all that jazz, while still seeing my current clientele, building a house and still going to the gym every morning. Phew HEHE

It has been a whirlwind. I’ve had a ribbon cutting, a grand opening party and I am very blessed and thankful for my loyal clients & new clients who are finding me.

Pure Skin Care Studio

New build house wise… oh my gosh we have gotten so much done! I will post some pictures down here of the progress. We have whole roof on, the siding is getting work done, we have had long homework lists each week and so we have spent our nights, lunches, breakfasts picking out tons of fun items. 🤪 The thing about a fully custom home is you pick EVERYTHING. We’ve had a few early mornings of meeting the builder, electrician, plumbers to go over everything. There has been so much going on at once. We really feel like we are doing so much more than just keeping our head above water and honestly, there has yet to be a fight. *maybe a couple raised voices 🤣😳 Lots of people say that they want to divorce after building a house HAHA. We are determined to keep the romance.

Speaking of so much going on at once, heres a post from my Instagram from a few days ago. I try to be real, open and show how we get through it!

| DAY 97 | Windows were installed today and the little chimney on the roof. How cute is that?! A little hiccup with the windows has me going to bed early tonight to wake up fresh tomorrow. 🖤 Building a house is stressful they say. It is, I’ll agree with that, but for us it’s in how we handle everything, our relationship with the builder and most importantly how we treat each other during the process. That’s what keeps it all together 🖤

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In July I prepped the current house for pre showings. It was a good *dry run of putting our house on the market. I still have my list of things to do to prepare the house for market, if anyone wants to see it, just comment below! I can type it up and post it. The house should be on the market 100% in mid September.

Here are a few progress photos of the new build!!

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