Day One! Dig Day.

Straight giddy. The perfect way to describe what I was feeling as I drove up and watched the excavators push around our dirt. Also felt a little creepy, rolling down the window and getting my giant phone out to record them 🤣 My building group of girlfriends say that feeling will pass as time goes on and I’ll get used to going out there when they are working. I want to be able to bring goodies and snacks to them as time passes and I figure out what’s what. Does anyone who has built, have any ideas or examples of what they’ve done for their crew?! ie: donuts, box of snacks left at house when it’s framed, etc.

Update on status:

Last week we picked out the siding material & color, exterior stone, talked shingles, soffits, gutters, cedar posts, gables, trim and garage doors. Nailed down the front door, windows and the changes to the master bathroom layout I made last minute.

The master bathroom…. Something just felt wrong about the layout we picked. I couldn’t put words to what it was, just didn’t mesh well with me, so after confirming with the builder it wasn’t too late to change, I drew up another layout.

Building a custom house brings a million decisions to the table. This week I learned, if you feel something is off or have a vision a certain way, speak up!

After talks with my husband, my BFF and a lovely new insta friend Tiffany @gowlerhomes , I decided to take the risk and create a decent sized wet room on one end. Can’t wait to show that off when the time comes.

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