I Interviewed My Builder with Your Questions.

In 2019 we started our custom home build! It was an exciting time, and as soon as we met our builder and his wife, we KNEW they were the crew for us! We had a few questions lined out for them when we met for the first time, so I asked you over on Instagram what you would want to ask a builder if you could!

Any excuse for a lunch date! Here we go!

What are things that always surprise clients?

Cost of a project. 

What are the things you wish they knew before they started building?

HGTV is not accurate. And be prepared for the cost.  It’s easy for homeowners to get into the now and cut corners now that they will regret later.  

What are the most important things to know from a client before putting a bid together?


What helps you create a bid on a budget or as close to it as possible?

An informed client that knows what they want.  (finishings: such as lights, faucets, doorknobs, etc.)

What expectations should customers have of the build?

Changes happen, and it’s OK.  

What questions do you wish customers would ask?

They have concerns about or questions about anything that is on their mind or questions about…don’t be shy.

What is one thing clients skip on bc costs, but you recommend they include?

Central Vac.  They are awesome…I use it multiple times a day.

How is it best to ask your builder if you can do projects during the build?

Just be upfront and honest from the start. Most builders are happy to have the client involved, but also, a builder might object if the project is out of the homeowner’s ability.

“What pet peeves do your clients do? Basically, what not to do that clients do not realize that they are doing. We get the obvious stuff.”

When they have a concern or question, they don’t ask but keep inside and let it eat at them. I would much rather they ask or say something so we can get it fixed.

So that’s it! If you are building or remodeling locally, contact McCollester Construction!

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