Creating an outdoor space is a fun and exciting way to expand your living area and spend more time outside! Nothing beats a glass of wine and a good book at sunset. Your outdoor patio should be treated as an extension of your interior! From throw pillows to outdoor candles and lighting, you should have fun decorating the patio as you do inside! Don’t forget about things like storage, cleaning, and maintenance, as these are essential to keeping your patio pretty and well-kept all year round! I’ve rounded up my Amazon favorites for you to easily elevate your outdoor space!

Furniture & Firepits

First and foremost, choose patio furniture that’s weather-resistant and durable! It’s more important to spend a little more money on items that will last you multiple seasons than trying to score the best discount. Amazon has incredible options that kill two birds with one stone. Their selection is both high quality while also being reasonably priced! We chose an outdoor sectional because we love lounging around, relaxing, and watching TV.

Incorporating a fire pit is one of the best ways to add ambiance and warmth to your outdoor living space. Some of my favorite memories are around the crackle of a fire. A fire pit creates a warm, glowing atmosphere that encourages people to relax, unwind, and share stories.  

We have the solo stove here with the Polywood chairs surrounding it. The solo stove does not create smoke, so it doesn’t matter what side of the fire you are on. Ben added wheels on the bottom of the fire pit, so it’s easy to move around. 

Outdoor Space

Area Rugs & Throw Pillows

If your outdoor patio feels missing something after you’ve chosen all your furniture, it is most likely decorative accents. A large weather-resistant area rug and waterproof pillows will make all the difference to your space! A few throw blankets help make the environment cozy and welcoming! Today I will be choosing a new rug for my outdoor movie area because Shhh, the one on my patio currently is an indoor one. LOL 

Don’t forget the BEST tip for choosing the appropriate rug: Measure your space and always size up if in between two rug sizes!

Taking a look at the photo below as an example, imagine how empty the space would feel without an area rug!

Outdoor Space Greenery

You can’t have a complete outdoor space without greenery and planters! Wreaths, hanging baskets, and even artificial faux trees are such a great addition to your patio!

Outdoor Space Lighting

If you’re planning on spending time outside at night, you’ll need proper lighting out there. Hang some string lights (solar-powered ones are ideal), use outdoor lamps, and add insect-repelling candles to your outdoor tables!

Path lights, string lights, and various accent lighting options create beautiful scenery while also helping to light up different zones within your outdoor space. Path lights can guide guests through your yard, while string lights can create a cozy atmosphere for outdoor dining. 

When choosing lighting, consider the size of your space and the vibe you’re going for. We have an open backyard that could handle a more significantly larger light for scale. These string lights are much larger than the standard bulb which helps to define and section off  the area as well!


Outdoor storage is so underutilized! A storage ottoman is a great way to store all your pillows and throws in when you’re not using them. My new favorite outdoor accessory is a beverage table! You throw some ice in it and add your favorite drinks! It’s literally the best entertaining accessory you can own!

Investing in some clever storage solutions can help keep your outdoor space organized and decluttered. You can opt for a bench with storage, a deck box, or even install wall-mounted racks or hooks. This would be beneficial on a balcony or small patio also!

We have a large deck box from Amazon that has lasted us three years and still works great! It’s not pretty anymore, but it gets the job done! Right now, we have it on the side of the house while we are working on the layout of our outdoor space.

Outdoor space

Cleaning & Maintenance

Make sure to remove natural debris like leaves, weeds, and dirt from the designated area where you want your outdoor space to be. We used the power washer to clean the siding and the patio tile (so satisfying).

Clean any furniture or decor items before placing them in your outdoor space. I first tried just vacuuming the sectional, but it still felt dirty. It wasn’t until I shampooed the cushions that it was truly clean and ready to go! 

Furniture Protection

Furniture covers help to keep them clean while not in use. Don’t be like me and forget to even take them out of the package for three years 🤣 Outdoor furniture is expensive, so be sure to cover them after each weekend, especially if your area is known for inclement weather. Just UV exposure alone damages your furniture!

Below are some of my favorite outdoor cleaning products!

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