Top 10 Reasons to Stage Your Home

This fall we put our house on the market. Within a couple hours, we had a showing scheduled and they made a full price offer at the first viewing. The buyers fell in love with my home from the photos online. So when they came to see it in person they already knew. I owe all of this (not only too my realtors amazing photographer) but to how I staged the home.

Here is how I sold my home the first day on market.

1. Pricing. I knew the market, I knew my competition from the past 6 months and a had a seasoned realtor backing our sale price decision. We were not too low, not too high. I studied every house that went on the market that year. Their photos, the pricing and the shape of the homes.

2. Staging. Every room felt like YOU could live there, not me. I will go into detail on another post, but from the kitchen, pantry, mantel, walls, master bathroom to the linen closet even, were cleaned, de-cluttered and set up sort of like a magazine. This did not cost me very much but I DID have to spend some money! Which I believe we made back ten fold! (Not really sure what ten fold means, but sounds good here HAHA) We did all the touch up painting, window cleaning, yard cleaning…. I’ll truly have to do an in depth post!

3. De-Cluttered, De-Personalized. This is more in detail to the staging reason. My home looked like someone ELSE could walk in and live there with tons of space left over. I did leave 4 personal photos total in the home. We made sure to take down everything with our name or last name initials. We rented a storage unit to hold extra furniture, out of season clothes, extra decor and anything else that did not belong.

You CAN do this! YOU CAN SELL YOUR HOME FASTER AND FOR MORE MONEY. If you are local and want some advice, I’m here! You can send me an email creatingourcraftsman@gmail.com or message me on Instagram @creatingourcraftsman

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