REVEAL WEEK! ORC Spring 2021 :: Week 8

Week 8 FINALE is here! Thank you for following along with this patio project, as I have been a guest participant in the One Room Challenge. I am so glad that you are here. We have fixed our concrete porch by tiling over it. After that was the fun stuff, decorating and styling.

I will be honest. I used every last second to get this finished. As guest participants, we had from Thursday to Sunday to reveal our rooms. Here it is… Sunday night!

Let’s recap what the past few weeks have looked like for us! Here’s what we started with.

This is how we had it set up before!

What all we got done in 8 weeks:

  • Created a design plan. Decided on how we would use the space and how we would include must-haves!
  • Cleared off the porch to start fresh. Washed the siding and concrete.
  • Used a saw to even out the edges of the concrete patio.
  • Hung a TV to create an outdoor movie area.
  • Stained the cedar post in the pass-through window.
  • Two trips to the city to grab tile. This tile was heavy, and we do not have a trailer!
  • Tiled the entire porch with large format tiles. This took 7 weeks. We tiled after work and on Sundays; we work full time, but this shows you can do it too! Cleaned all the grout mistakes… we used a black grout that stained the tile, even with precautions!
  • Ordered, stained, and hung a twin-sized daybed swing. This needed extra support in the attic floor joists, and we bought heavy-duty CrossFit climbing ropes to hang it with.
  • Put together 4 all-weather rocking chairs.
  • Created two concrete planters with pipes to hang string lights.
  • Hung massive string lights that are dimmable and work with Alexa now!
  • Shopped LAST MINUTE for rugs. HA. I do not suggest waiting.
  • Battled the weather… all 8 weeks.


(not shown the dining table that matches this set)



Does anyone else get that cozy feeling when they see string lights on Pinterest? Me too. From the day we started building, I knew this property would be gorgeous lit up with soft lighting. When AQ Lighting reached out to me and said, “Hey, you have string lights on your mood board, check us out!” I immediately went to their site and was so excited about this bulb that I had not seen anywhere yet! It’s huge and a little different shape! They are dimmable, and we added the Alexa plug so we can just ask her to turn them on and dim them to 10%!

Check out my Instagram this week; I am creating a how-to hang video! You won’t want to miss the video as we are announcing a giveaway too!

Be sure to check out the other guest participants in their last week!!

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