Fancy on Fridays :: Matchstick Holders

I say, let’s start a fun segment called “Fancy on Fridays” where I show you how I took something ordinary and made it fancy. Or found a fancy item to jazz up a space. (Still saying jazz or no?)

This week I want to start with matchsticks. Simple. A household product. Normally left in the drawer in its original box. Oh no, Gina, let’s fancy that up! I found these glass matchstick holders/strikers that are so pretty!

I grew up in a farmhouse, you know the kind you put blankets over the doorway to the living room so the heat doesn’t escape, and the linoleum tile was peeling up in the kitchen. 🤪😄 My dad valued food on the table, hard work, and healthy cattle, haha. Not today’s latest designer shoes (🙋🏻‍♀️ guilty) When I met Ben, I lived in a camper with no water, and my electricity was supplied by an extension cord. #vanlife ? 😂

So to say I appreciate the “finer, fancy things” is an understatement. I like to save in areas and splurge in others, or at least LOOK like I did. I post so many fancy items that my friends here on IG say I’m the fancy one. Ha they know it’s not true.

I found out for this round one, you need “strike anywhere” matches.

Here are some other matchstick holders!

I am really digging the Etsy ones. The white black and gold one is so pretty! It reminds me of vintage glam.

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