New gym. New routine. New Outfit!!

Everyone knows about the first day jitters at school. There’s always that fear of being the new kid in a new space. Is everyone going to stare at me, will I fit in, are there cliques there, everyone will know I’m a newbie?

It’s totally the same feeling when joining a new gym. It’s normal to feel these ways, just know that nobody will stare at you, you will fit in just fine and when you leave that first day, you will feel proud you went and had your first killer workout at a new place. If you are a newbie at a gym, it’s normal to ask the front desk for a tour, or take a tour yourself. Everyone has been new to this gym at some point.

Check out the equipment, figure it all out. Nervous your first day? Jump on a treadmill and just get a feel for the place!!

Point of all this. We tried out a new gym ❤️ I had ALL the new jitters but left feeling confident and happy with the gym. Actually more than that, I felt renewed to start a new routine and workout harder.


SHOES: Nike. Found at a shoe carnival. They are the prettiest muted lavender color. Almost a fall lavender if there is such a thing. Let’s make it a thing. Color is called Rose/White. Find them here.

RING: Groove Life. Look for a review post soon. These bad boys are my favorite brand of silicone rings. Safe for vacation, hiking, work, and gym. Find it here. Shop for your man too 💕

HAT: From the Wal-Marts 🌽🌾🧡

JOGGERS: Reebok. So comfortable. I plan on writing a post all about this trend, because I have the weirdest body shape for joggers. I tried on 100 pairs yesterday and left with two AWESOME pair. ❤️ $35 great price. Find them here

TEE: Every bloggers fav tee this fall. Not my favorite. The neckline is a hot mess on my body shape. And super see-through. I had it on though. (Bought it, took tags off and here we are) So here’s the link. 🤣😜 Find it here. Under $20

NECKLACE: (Because I’m still extra, even at gym) Stella & Dot. Has little gems in it for added bling bling. Check it out here

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