How to create that old organic look with brand new Terra Cotta pots.

Two of the top trends in 2020 is creating organic , natural spaces and the color TERRA COTTA. Here is an easy way to mix the two trends beautifully.

This how to guide came from But being the creative soul I am, I winged it after looking at the instructions quickly one time. { this is how I cook too } and the reason why I never “flip after 10 minutes”.

What you will need:

Lime (Gardening/Lawn) I bought the 50lb bag from Menards of pure lime only bc the 2lb bag of gardening lime had all kinds of other ingredients and was the same price. $4.97

Foam brush linked here

Terra Cotta pots of your size choice and the bases. I bought mine through Walmart. Here’s the link.

Water – you will use 1:1 ratio 1/2 a cup of water and 1/2 cup of lime was good for this project.

Sandpaper (I used 80 grit bc that’s what I already had on hand) you don’t even need this much grit.

Measuring Cup

Matte Clear Spray Paint (Sealant) linked here

Face mask, newspaper or old cardboard to protect your space, gloves.

Step one: After prepping your space and products needed, mix 1:1 ratio of lime to water. 1/2 cup of each was plenty for my project of 3 medium and one small size Terra Cotta pots.

Step two: Using your foam brush ( I used a medium sized brush for my pots ) apply the lime mixture using some long passes and short strokes. I found it’s best not to go over the wet mixture as it picks up what you have laid down. Let this dry. Mine took roughly 45 minutes to dry.

Step three: (be careful as the oils on your hands will remove e lime and leave marks. Thus, why I say “do as I teach not as I do.”

You are now ready to sand off the larger chunks of lime. Be gentle. You won’t want to remove too much, the sealer will “remove the look slightly”. So leave more than you think you will want. I used an 80 grit piece of sandpaper. It’s just what I had. You can use even lighter grit.

Last step: Lightly spray 3 coats of matte sealer inside and out of the pot. You may want to wait 10-20 minutes in between each coat. I did, although my can said you can immediately start the next coat.

Final final step: tag me in your instagram story if you make one!!! I want to see @terranelsonhome

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