How To Guide – Decorating with Coffee Table Books

How to Style Coffee Table Books – 4 Easy Ways

On a Nightstand – You can easily add height and texture with books. Set your lamp or a picture frame on top of two coffee table books. The eye naturally gravitates towards odd numbers, using two books and a lamp, for instance. Another way to look at this photo in odd numbers: there are 3 different items, a ring holder, lamp, and books.


On an Entryway Table – Adding seasonal items in the entryway sets the tone and creates a cozy atmosphere right as someone walks in. Here I’ve stacked wood to give texture and a natural vibe. This could last all throughout fall and winter. All I will need to swap out for the full decor idea is the pumpkins for some Christmas ornaments.

White Coffee Table Books

In your Kitchen on the Countertop – This also works for open shelving. You can get fancy and add cookies inside a clear glass jar, on top of two or three books. I have added a vintage-style cutting board for more texture.


On the Coffee Table – I am being very original here! HA, This one is easy! Take two coffee table books and top them with a decorative box or tray to hold the remotes.


Where to Shop!

Ok, so I know that Finding the right coffee table book can be tricky because often, you cannot see the spine. Like, come on… what’s under the covers! LOL. Here is a list of books that I know to be a specific color, or the cover is pretty enough to keep on. Hope you enjoy it!




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