You won't believe some of these 2022 home trends

A new found love for home. The past two years we've  spent a lot of time at home. This has helped us all grow into what styles we love & even don't love! But what about when you are not sure what direction to go? 

Here are the hottest home trends you will see in 2022.

Wallpaper has been hot for a couple of years. This year, it will be even more bold. Hot colors and patterns for nurseries, offices and hallways. 


This year texture will be on the walls! You'll see 3D wallpaper, DIY plaster & concrete looks. Brick and stone walls in the kitchen give a organic cozy vibe.

Texture. Everywhere

As we start to have friends & family over, the home bar will make a comeback.  Detailed barstools, decorated open shelving and fun artwork. 

The Home Bar

Greens, wood accents and darker wood furniture will bring the outdoors, in.  You will also see muted blues in cabinetry and monotone trim and wall colors. 

Bring Nature Indoors

If you have not already set up your home office, this will be the year to do so. In 2022, many will be remodeling spare rooms and being creative with wall treatments. 

The step-up of the home office.