Spilling my "dirty" hair secrets

H  A  i  R

by: Terra Nelson

tip one

i only wash my hair once a week! 

You'll need to train your hair to be able to do this. I use dry shampoo a lot!

tip two

i use a hair mask one to two times a month

This will keep your hair strong, hydrated and silky! Use a mask that fits your hair needs.

tip three

dry conditioner is my bff - see why on tip one 

Since I don't wash my hair often,  I do not want to miss out on the nutrients of the conditioner!

tip four

go easy on the heat

I only blow dry once a week, letting it finish air drying at 70% dry. I use a curling iron sparlingly.

tip five

healthy diet & lots of water

I do not like this one.  Although, I do notice a direct effect on the health of my hair when I eat good for my body & drink enough water.