HAVE A CHARCUTERIE NIGHT A picnic inside is romantic. You could even get those floor pillows, blankets, and a tray to set the board and drinks on.

HAVE A THEME NIGHT   Maybe you dress up in all 80’s attire and watch 80’s hit movies. Dress up as your favorite movie character and cook foods that in that genre.

CUDDLE AROUND THE FIRE Whether it’s indoors or outside, snuggling by the fire is the ultimate romance. Blankets, music, and comfy clothes; this one keeps it simple. 

HAVE A NACHO BAR NIGHT – or Taco Bar – Waffle Bar –  whatever you love most. It’s fun to set out all the items and have specialty drinks that match up with the smorgasbord of foods.

TEACH EACH OTHER SOMETHING NEW. How cool is it when you become a part of something your significant other loves to do, or they teach you something that connects the two of you? 

SEND YOUR PARTNER ON A TREASURE HUNT.  Is your love language gift giving? Send your babe on a scavenger hunt with notes as clues to each gift.

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