How to DIY Paint Your Cabinets

Tools needed:

  • Deglosser and possibly a cleaner if you have dirty cabinets
  • Green scouring pads
  • Paint brushes
  • Cabinet roller brushes
  • Painters tape
  • Solo cups (to stand your doors on) the little triangles that they make FOR this, created little divots in the paint.


Remove all hardware, remove the doors and drawers labeling them as you go, this will come in handy when you have to put it all back together. We used old Tupperware and coffee cans to put all the hardware in to keep organized.

Sometimes you will need to use a cleaner on the doors and drawers that are very dirty. But for the most part, the deglosser will do just fine. Follow the instructions on the back of the deglosser. Normally this means to put a small amount on your green scouring pad and apply it to the cabinet in circular motions, with a heavy hand. This is removing the top coat and making the …. sticky to hold paint.

The instructions did not say to remove the deglosser, but we did. We let it set for it’s recommended time, and then wiped down with a clean wet towel. Let that dry and you are ready to apply your first coat.

We sprayed the doors to get a good first coat, but everything else we just regular paint brushed (with nice brushes) then rollered (with cabinet specific rollers), to get a smooth look. I literally brushed everything to get a nice thick coat. The paint department guy said that the cleaning and deglossed will make the surface primed.

The paint we bought was the primer and paint in one.

  • Home depot for the grey (BEHR primer and paint in one, in ANONYMOUS).
  • Lowes for the white island (VALSPAR in BISTRO WHITE).

Please be advised that since we did not use the special cabinet paint kit, our paint would take 30 days to FULLY cure. Yes, it’s dry in a few hours. But it is tender for 30 days. Meaning, we made sure not to bump it too hard, scratch it or let the dog throw any toys at it… (Owners of Boxers will know what I am talking about). We did buy the nicer paint with the primer in one.

Honestly, that’s pretty much all I did. This is easier than it looks, you can do it! I will update this post if I can think of anything else special we did. But you do not need to sand the cabinets down or buy that special cabinet paint kit! This allows you to pick whatever color you want! The longest part is probably the taking down of all the hardware. We literally took out all the drawer pulls, drawer tracks, everything.

We used solo cups for the stands.



Feel free to pin the above picture!! Let me know in the comments if you have tried painting cabinets before or are going to!

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