How To – Chic Halloween Decor

It was time to decorate the office! I spend a lot of time in here… I am actually facing the marble table; it’s so cute to look up and see, ” Let’s go, Ghouls” LOL. This office has become one of my favorite spaces in our home. The paint REALLY changed the vibe, being a very earthy, adult shade of pink. It’s called Cremini Mushroom by Clark & Kensington.

When decorating for the seasons or a Holiday, I keep the same “rule of thumb” as usual. Here is a rundown of my thought process while styling this space so you can recreate it in your home!

I love to focus on little vignettes or “sections” for a significant impact, low-clutter feel! This little table is the only spot in the office with Halloween decor! I feel it gives the eye somewhere to focus.

I use textures. Here I have a blanket and faux flowers; the marble and wood are even textures.

I stick to two main colors with a third or fourth accent shade. My main colors here are black and the brownish-pink shade of my wall ( I have incorporated that tone in the pumpkin, flowers, and the lamp). My accent colors would be marble and wood. I added the grey and white-ish coffee table books at the bottom to pair with the marble top. The matchsticks lend more wood to the styling. If you want to see other coffee table book options, check out this blog post, where I show what they all look like under the covers!

Here is a complete, easy-to-use shopping list, or you can click on individual items below. Most of this is from Amazon! The beautiful marble table is from Facebook Marketplace; it was a disaster when I got it! The marble cleaned up better than I thought it would, and I removed the stain with a simple oven cleaner trick.

Similar Antique Marble Top Wash Table

This Similar Table Has The Towel Racks

Black Light Up Trees

Coffin Letterboard – Be sure to clip the coupon!

Gold Letters

Black Coffee Table Book (Gucci)

Black Coffee Table Book (Wild Horses)

Beige Brown Faux Flowers – Clip the coupon!

Glass Vase

Cream Toned Spined Book (This is Home)

Grey Spinded Book (Made for Living)

Magnifying Glass

Matchstick Cloche

Light Up Pumpkin (Similar, mine is from Home Goods)

Wall Bats

Small Lamp (I painted the base my wall color)

Gold Light Switches

Beautiful Black Marbled Candle – Manly/Fall Scent ( I am not sure why it’s showing up as blue and black. Mine is grey and black, and all in the store were also)

Vintage Bluetooth Speaker

Do you have a space in your home that you want to style like this now? I hope I’ve made it easy to recreate. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments, I’d love to help! Today I am posting an Instagram Reel of this space so that you can see it in action. Head over to TERRA NELSON HOME to save it!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. I may receive a small commission on qualifying orders at no additional cost to you. This continues to support Terra Nelson Home, and I thank you so very much! I hope this website inspires you to create your cozy home!

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