Favorites From Amazon in 2021

This year was the biggest year I’ve had for online shopping versus in-person shopping. Amazon makes it too easy! It seems like whatever you want; you can find and have it Prime delivered. Do you have a favorite product that you’ve gotten from Amazon? Looking back at my orders, there are some I truly loved! Everything from home decor, beauty, fashion, and kitchen items.

Waterproof Labels

Recently, these have become my favorite! The company sells multiple room packs; I have the kitchen/pantry and the cleaning supplies/laundry room one. You can purchase the containers on Amazon also. I have a guide on my Instagram called “Let’s Organize This,” it shows these labels in action!

The V Sweater

You will feel confident in this sweater! I just got it last month and have worn it a lot, and bought another color. The “V” design helps draw the eye in. And the little puff shoulder is cute. No filter on this photo, so you can see the true color. This is the Dark Khaki; I got a Medium (it’s TTS).

The Milk Frother

We have a greens powder that is gritty and difficult to mix. This milk frother whips it up in an instant and makes it smooth.

Mac Connector

Why did Apple take away all the ports? This adapter connects to the MacBook and has many different ports.

Living Room Curtains

The sunshine pours into our living room right at TV watching time! I got these black-out curtains to cover the span of our whole back sliding glass doors. The material is heavy and great quality! I would recommend these to anyone. I got the Birch shade in 96″. This is the best before and after I could find!

Facial Towels

I used these in my facial studio! They are so soft and remove makeup with only water. I still use a cleanser, though. They remove my mascara too. Once you try these, you won’t want another facial towel!

Twinkle Razors

“The women who get it, get it. Those who don’t, don’t.” Have you seen that TikTok trend yet? It makes me think of these razors!! BUY THESE IN BULK! The pack I am linking is the same as the 3 for $7 packs. Except you get 36 for $10. You are welcome!

Wine Glasses

These feel more expensive than they are! The square bottom gives it an elevated edge! Everyone who buys these says they love them!

Beach Blanket

We used this on our trip to Anna Maria Island. It is small enough to fit in my carry-on, and it folds back up nicely. This came in so handy when we went to other beaches and did not have chairs. It has little pockets on the corners that you fill with sand to keep the wind from blowing it around. This is the only picture I took with it, though!

Plaid Pillow Covers

I took a chance on these pillow covers because they were only $12 for two! The plaid print reminds me of Studio Mcgee or even Amber Interiors style. When they came in, they were stiff, but better quality than I expected for SIX dollars. HA, I did wash them, and it softened them a little. They are a perfect, inexpensive way to get that organic Utah modern look.

Gluten Ease

I am not a doctor, do not follow this as medical advice, HA, BUT we found these in a health food store a couple of years back when I had my first real gluten flare-up (and I knew what it was). I did not realize how sick I had been, and all because of gluten. SO, since I am only intolerant, these pills help digest the enzyme when I eat foods with gluten or casein. You have to take it before you eat. Every time I take them after, it doesn’t seem to help. When I take these, I feel fine after the meal! I buy this all the time, so it had to go on my favorites list. I hope it helps someone else out there. Oh, and I have to get the extra strength. it works tremendously better than the regular.

Facial Steamer

I technically have not got to use this yet! So many content creators shared this brand in 2021, so I bought it for my BFF Christmas gift. She raves about it. She says it is much better than the one she had. It has a spot for essential oils also.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the Amazon product links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. All the money I make goes back into this website to provide you with the best experience. This continues to support Terra Nelson Home, and I thank you so very much!

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