Guide to a Household Daylight Savings Routine

Daylight savings time can easily become the start of your spring cleaning each year! It’s an easy way to remember to do these items around the house… “It’s daylight savings time. Let me grab your honey-do list”!

  1. Vacuum your mattress; I like to sprinkle baking soda on it first! After that, I will use this linen spray.

2. Spot clean or wash drapes, curtains, and blinds. Replace heavier winter velvet drapes for lighter summer curtains.

3. Wash your rugs and clean the carpets. I know many people nowadays are not putting any carpet down in their homes. We have carpet in our closet and two of the bedrooms.

4. Do a deeper clean of your basement, garage, and/or attic than normal.

5. Clean out the dryer’s exhaust system. I found this kit that hooks up to your vacuum.

6. Change out your closet from winter to spring attire! Here in Missouri, it will be cold for a couple more weeks. I like to leave my favorite two sweaters out for that. If you are starting your spring cleaning, this is a good time to do the four boxes technique.

📦 Keep 📦 Donate 📦 Sell 📦 Trash

This is one rule I like to follow when clearing out the closet. If you did not wear it at all this season and had the opportunity to, it is time to get rid of it.

7. Change the rotation of your ceiling fan. In the winter, you want the rotation to push down the warm air that rises naturally, so make sure your fan is moving in a clockwise fashion. In the spring/summer, you want the fan to redistribute the cool air around the room, so switch it to a counter-clockwise direction in the spring.

8. Make sure your supplies are up to date in your first aid kit. Spring tornados are just around the corner, have your emergency preparedness kit ready!

9. Check your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and change the batteries in them. Check the fire extinguishers to confirm they are in good working order.

10. Check the flashlights you keep on each floor of your home to make sure batteries work in case of loss of power.

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